Discourse “New” Posts

Thanks, devs, for launching this Discourse. I like Discord but find it impossible to use for anything other than quick chats—this format facilitates better long-term conversations, I find.

However, the forum does not currently allow users to view solely New posts. I think this is a configuration issue with how Discourse is set up. It’d be nice to have, because e.g., at the moment there are 42 new posts for me, but I can’t find and dismiss them without scrolling through Latest, too. So, the ask: can we get the Discourse “New” view enabled here?

(This is a meta-topic—it is about the forum itself, not Obsidian, but I couldn’t find an appropriate category for it.)

This should be fixable by adding new and unread back to the top menu site setting.

@ryanjamurphy @justindirose Done, thanks for the suggestion!

I noticed that “New” and “Unread” are also available here, but I agree the top bar is more convenient.



Many many thanks!

Fig uses this setting for its interface, so now new/unread is easy to access in that app.

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