[Discontinued] Advanced Slides - Create markdown-based reveal.js presentations in Obsidian

I found the MD for another presentation.

That already helps me a lot, but I still would be interested to learn from the other example files

I am still sorting it out also so not much help for your question. I will say, if you are looking at the example files on the gitHub website, make sure you click RAW when viewing them otherwise a lot of key things get hidden by the UI. Some might say only an idiot would miss that for long…

Regards, An idiot

Thanks! So this works with templates pulled by the advanced slides plugin also? I am going to give it a whirl as the templater was on my “when you have time” list anyway! Thanks

Hi! Why can’t I find this plug-in in the software plug-in market? If it is downloaded from Github, why can’t I use it when I put the project directly in the '.objectidian\plugins' directory?

Looks like it has been de-listed. See:

If you want to install manually, then you would need to download a release rather than the repo and I imagine that should work…

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Dear Advanced Slides users.

As one or the other has noticed, Advanced Slides has been removed from the community plugins because it violates the newly introduced advertisement policy.

Specifically, it’s about the ‘Letter from Development’, which I display as a popup the first time a month a user uses advanced slides, which indicates that the project takes up a lot of my free time and is only possible because I can reduce my working hours for further development Because of donations, with which you, the community, make a plugin like Advanced Slides possible in the first place.

The letter came about because I noticed that in addition to 40-50 hours of work per week, 10-20 hours of developing Advanced Slides had a negative impact on my private life. It was hard for me to switch off because my mind kept thinking about the bugs and support tickets in my free time. It was clear to me that there was an intrinsic motivation and that in order to be happy I had to pursue this passion, with the result that I had to reduce my work time by the time for the development of Advanced Slides. So I started thinking about how to make money with advanced slides.

My first attempt was to put sponsor links in the documentation, the project page on Github and in Advanced Slides myself, with the result that I was able to gain 2 supporters in 3 months. One donated $10 once, the other $3 monthly.

My next attempt was to develop products based on Advanced Slides that help the community to develop slides more easily. Products like the Consult Template or the Workout Trainer. This has led to the fact that I was able to win 2 more supporters…

Next, I tried services, such as our monthly community round, where I work with the community on their slides to teach them good practices. Code reviews in which I look at your slides and show you how you could have developed them more efficiently and effectively. This effort earned me a support.

After getting frustrated with this I thought about implementing a freemium model where I put all the cool features behind a paywall… but this didn’t feel good because I’m not happy when developers force me to subscribe because they artificially make their products worse.

In the end, a friend gave me the idea to try the Letter from Development. In the flow, people ignore things that work because they focus on solving the next problem. The letter acts as a stop. It should encourage the user to listen to themselves and ask themselves whether it feels good to donate to the software.

It worked, in early December I was able to work my first full day on Advanced Slides funded by backers. The letter has moved over 150 people to do so. Make a small donation.

Without the letter, further development will no longer be possible, since 3/4 supporter income comes from one-time payments that users make because they have read the letter.

It saddens me to see that the Obsidian developers decided to tackle the syntom and not the cause. I understand that if every plugin developer were to include such a letter in their plugin, we would be at the point that the user experience would suffer. However, I believe that it is no use forbidding people to do things without offering alternatives

How often have we talked about the need for a monetization model for plugin developers in Discord so that they don’t successively fail due to burnout. An app store where plugins can be sold or better still a spotify/netflix model where people can voluntarily take out a monthly subscription that goes into a pool that is distributed among the plugin developers. New features are coming, like the new UI and the view, both cool features, but at the same time more and more developers are leaving.

For me, Obsidian was no better than all the other alternatives out there. What made it special was that, by a happy coincidence, many people decided to develop plugins that helped me implement my workflow. It’s the community that makes the tool so strong and it makes me sad to see that more and more developers quit because they don’t have the time besides their main job simply because the projects have become a second job, like in my case

I’ve talked to many active and retired plugin developers. What connects us is the passion and the unprofitability of our work.

It is no longer possible for me to further develop Advanced Slides without appeals for donations.

Therefore, Advanced Slides will no longer be part of the community plugins. You will be still able to install it manually from the github repository (see documentation). After manual Installation Advanced Slides then will update through Community Plugins.

I will continue to maintain Advanced Slides in the future i.e. if there are changes to the Plugins API or Obsidian changes that make Advanced Slides unusable, I will update Advanced Slides.

However, I will no longer be able to take the time to develop, integrate and test new features, to give support or to do community events.


Such a shame, well done Obsidian dev !

We sent you a GitHub issue on December 1st (over 2 months ago) with the intent on starting a conversation on how to present this to your users in a less intrusive way. We have no issues with plugins asking for donations as long as it’s done within the scope of the plugin’s own functionality - for example you could present your “Letter from Development” when the user opens a slide.

However, our attempt to start a conversation about this has unfortunately been ignored for the last two months.

The removal of Advanced Slides is only temporary and we are happy to place it back in the plugin repository as soon as the request for donation has been moved to a more appropriate place, as our policy states.


Hi Advanced Slide users,

I wondered whether I could draw on your collective wisdom and ask whether anyone has figured out how to autofit or scale (not sure which is the ‘correct’ term’) text on a slide?

I’ve got the situation that on my desktop, my slides cut off some headings; see…

But when I am presenting via a projector, even more text is cut off. See…

I haven’t found a solution on the forums, though other people have identical/similar issues. Is it a CSS issue? If so, what code should be used?


I see. Thank you.

Sorry couldn’t find how to do that, could you provide a link ?

Same here, looking forward to trying the plugin.

Hello folks!

  1. Download release zip from Releases · MSzturc/obsidian-advanced-slides · GitHub
  2. change directory (cd) your obsidian vault plugin dir ($vault_folder/.obsidian/plugins)
  3. make directory (mkdir) obsidian-advanced-slides
  4. move zip file to previously created folder
  5. unzip zip file
  6. start obsidian and enjoy it :wink:

I hope, i helped :slight_smile:


See my previous post :wink:

Managed to find a workable solution. I adjusted the maxScale in the YAML frontmatter to 0.8 (default is 2), which did the trick.


theme: simple
maxScale: 0.8

Hope this helps others.


Thanks @gbenko for helping. Stupid I am, I wasn’t going to think about the releases section of github !

Advanced Slides is amazing! I hope it returns to the community plug-ins.
I have an Advanced Slides plug-in to share. The plug-in uses the slide change events to trigger scene changes in OBS. A slide show can be created that controls when OBS scene changes occur. Here is a video and link to the demo vault.


Thanks for sharing the instructions. I get an error when i restarted obsidian and tried to enable advanced-slides-plugin from installed plugins in settings. Error message is “failed to load advanced slides plugin”

With version 1.20 Advanced Slides is back at Obsidian Community Plugins. :partying_face:



Very happy with the return of this plugin even if the decision of the Obsidian developers has killed the mid-semester lessons.
There is still a problem with the html export, the images are not always copied, never in fact, requiring the images folder to be copied into the export folder.

Obsidian is set up like this:

  • no wikilinks
  • path relative to the md file
    The vault is set up so that the images are in a sub-folder in the slideshow.

By the way, disabling wikilinks prevents the images from being inserted as background.

Hoping for a fix before next year :joy: