"Disconnected. Code: 1006 Abnormal Closure"

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What I’m trying to do

hello, am getting the following error “Disconnected. Code: 1006 Abnormal Closure” on my work computer, I think its because websockets are not aloud via the proxy I am forced out. Is it possible for the sync to happen using another method?

if i cant get this working i will have to discontinue my paid services sync and publish.


No other ways sorry.

Any chance of adding an override proxy setting?

How can we override the proxy?

Lots of apps have an option for this, Spotify for example allows you to set a proxy that is not the system default.


I think obsidian is Electron (I could be wrong here) you may be able to do something like this:

I have never implemented something like this before so it may not work as I expect but its worth investigation as I am sure a sizable number of potential users would be in the same boat as I am in.

In the mean time I have cancelled my sync and publish subscriptions.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

But if you have internet accessed through your proxy, any other proxy should be not accessible directly from your work PC. Otherwise why is your company wasting your time with something that is bypassable?

If select no proxy and it still works without going to your company proxy, that’s just stupid on your company’s part?

You may wanna try to talk with your IT department to let you use obsidian’s we socket.

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