Disappearing notes

Steps to reproduce

below: -->
  1. Create vault and linked notes in Obisidan macos Version 1.4.14 (Installer 1.4.13)
  2. Open vault from iCloud Obisdian on iOS 17 latest version as of today.
  3. On iOS 17, Create folder and move linked notes from 1.
  4. Open vault on macOS. Folder created on 3. is missing. All notes are gone from macOS, still visible on iOS and can be recreated.
  5. Create duplicate folder and note on macOS.
  6. See both appear on iOS 17 Obsidian app.
  7. Copy and paste text from iOS to macOS
  8. see text note appear on macOS
  9. ???
  10. profit

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Expected result

Actual result


Additional information

We generally don’t provide support for third party sync services.

All I can tell you is to make sure on macOS, that the iClould folder that contains the vault is configured to keep the files locally on your disk.

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