Disappearing characters that go invisible while typing headings

I have this wierd problem. Is it a bug ?
To reproduce: hit cmd-n, give the new file a title and then type: (## for heading in edit mode '## wha)


In this post you can not see the ## I put in front of ‘wha’
Anyway… when I do this the ‘wha’ disappears.
As soon as I type the ‘t’ in ‘what’ then ‘what’ reappears.
This is the base example for something that is extremely annoying as I continue to try and learn markdown.
Any ideas what is going on? I have already restarted obsidian.

What operating system are you using?

Is your vault in a cloud folder like iCloud or OneNote or SyncThing or Google Drive. Without knowing, this sounds like it could also possibly be a 3rd party sync issue, not Markdown. Maybe the syncing is actually deleting the note for a moment?

Or if it happens slowly, and just based on what you type, maybe it is a Markdown or CSS problem.

Also, what version of Obsidian? Do you have any community plugins installed?

Does it happen on every note? Or just sometimes?

I just turned off the Legacy Editor option in the Editor settings and it fixed the problem. Guess it is Legacy for a reason.
But now the folding is no longer usable in the preview (reading) mode, only in the editing mode

Has anybody else had this problem? Somehow I no longer get folding in reading mode. Can’t seem to turn it back on with various settings. It works fine in edit mode.

What version of Obsidian? If your installer version is getting old, you might need to download a fresh copy from the website. A few CodeMirror changes happened not long ago.

I seem to have 0.13.33 (installer version 0.12.9). When I go to the download page it downloads 0.13.31. That is confusing. I will let you know how that works out.

Still having problem with the new installer version 0.13.31 - current version 0.13.33
example follows. The following displays a folding arrow in the editing mode.

  • ==This is one item==
    And the stuff underneath it that we all love and care about

In the ‘reading’ mode it looks like this:

• This is one item And the stuff underneath it that we all love and care about

Weird. ‘This is one item’ is hilited in the reading version. But no folding and the crlf is ignored.

Clearly I simply don’t understand how this works. The following syntax does fold in reading mode (difference is I added a dash to designate a list)

  • how about this
    • hey hey my my

But this

'### hi there
that is nice

folds in editing but not in reading.
Of course this is incredibly difficult for a newbie like me to describe as everything i write is markdown and therefore gets rendered in this message window such that it is very unclear what I am trying to communicate. Guess I better just keep learning.

You can put code/Markdown inbetween triple backticks above and below. ```

# Test
- Test
- Test
Anything you type inside triple backticks will render exactly like you type

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