Disabling tag core plugin should disable everything related to tags

When the Tags core plugin is disabled, Obsidian should stop recognising #s and the autosuggestion/autocomplete panel should also be disabled.

A user that disables the plugin is really not interested in any tag functionality.


Thanks. Disabling tags means going to “core plugins” and disabling it there.
How can I disable the tag pane? Is that the panel that emerges from the bottom on mobile when entering #?

The tag suggestion panel is disruptive only on mobile, particularly when using # to add headlines in markdown

The tag pane is the list of tags in the sidebar. It goes away when you turn off the Tags core plugins. The thing you’re asking about is the tag autocompletion.

Is it disruptive, as you say, also when you just add the space after the # which you’re supposed to do when making a level 1 heading?

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Another option on mobile is adding “toggle heading” or “set as heading” to the toolbar.

Toggle brings up a menu of “no heading” or “set h1~h6”. The individual h1~h6 ones are all “H” icons, but if you kept them in the correct order, it’s doable.

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