Disabling Tabs. Or, What Use Are They?

Hi, thanks first of all for the surprise huge recent update, version v1.0.0, currently v1.0.3

Could we Please have the option to disable the new Tabs feature (would that be ‘Revert to Legacy View’?).

Firstly, I have to agree with @wtaverni “I was perfectly happy with the old Obsidian interface without tabs”

Secondly, I’m thankful to @voostindie for pointing out the Hider plugin, which I have installed and set to Alt+Q to toggle tab visibility.

I have no need for Tabs. I find having one page open is enough, I make good use of the Recent Files plug-in by Tony Grosinger. This allows me to keep the focus on the one page, with other working pages staying at the top of the Recent Pages pile. Having Tabs open just brings ‘muddle’ to my workflow, why have any tabs open for what reason?

I’m sure this new feature is great for people who need to have multiple pages open side by side. I would love to hear of some practical use cases.

So, please introduce me to your usage of this feature, why do you have tabs open, and what working examples? What advantage to interlinking thoughts does having pages open side by side in tabs bring?

Awaiting your inspirations with glee :smiley:

Many thanks for all ideas :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Essentially I use tabs when I need to switch between multiple documents rapidly but don’t actually want all of them open at once (for screen size + cognitive overload reasons). Eg:

  1. I keep my daily to-do list in Obsidian. I don’t usually have it open but I like to keep it accessible without closing any other documents. So it’s useful to have it on a tab behind other notes.

  2. I’m a teacher. While lesson planning, I can have my lesson plans for the day open on one pane, and my notes, schedules, etc. for various classes open in another.

  3. While writing atomic notes off of a lit note, I can have the lit note + the corresponding PDF open in tabs on one pane, and the new atomic note in another. I don’t typically need to go back to to the PDF, if my lit notes are good, but it’s easily accessible if I do need it.

I use tabs as a daily backlog. During the day when I make notes I don’t always get to finish and clean them up right away. So, I leave these open in separate tabs. Near the end of the day I know exactly which notes I still need to touch. At day’s end all tabs are closed. It’s also nice that when you keep a file open in a tab, it remembers your cursor position. You don’t need a separate plugin for that.

The active tab also shows me which document I’m currently editing. I don’t use the “tab title bar”. There’s nothing on there that I need, because I prefer to use the keyboard for navigation and commands, not the touchpad or mouse.

Three months on, how’s it going with ‘tabs’?

Yeah, agreed, a great idea. Having structure to how you use them helps keep organised, that was my initial fear. I think I’ll try closing all tabs down at the end of the day, and doing this, then I’d integrate the Recent Tabs better, thanks @voostindie :slightly_smiling_face:


So tabs are useful, tabs are here to stay. I use Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+Dn (right next to each other on a ThinkPad) to navigate left and right, same as my browser tabs. I still get a bit lost remembering where a page is I used earlier on any given tab, definitely having structure to how you use them helps.

Thanks @JAndrews2 @voostindie


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