Disabling remote storage on a device using sync

Good afternoon.
One of my devices was stolen where obsidian storage is installed. The sync service is enabled. How can I disable this device from other device and prevent operations on my files?

Go to: Account - Obsidian, then click the “Log out everywhere” button.
That will kick out all of your devices from the account.

Thank you very much for your quick response.
I logged out using the link you provided, I logged out from all devices. But on my other devices I still have access (including Android). We are talking about access to the storage application itself on Windows.
Will files received after synchronization on a lost device remain accessible to an attacker through Windows Explorer? How can I prevent all operations on my files?

The files themselves will still remain on the device, and there is no way to wipe them from our end.
But they won’t be able to access any new files you create now, and won’t be able to delete any files that are on the devices you still have access to.

You have to change the Obsidian sync password immediately. This will prevent unauthorized access from accessing your data.