Disabling Properties suggestions

I’m currently using one of my vaults as a makeship database, and I have a slight issue with properties. I store some info using properties/metadata (I use DataView on this vault) but every time I’m about to edit said properties, Obsidian pulls up all the values for that property from all my other notes. For some properties it is useful as they’re kind of “fixed list” metadata, but there are other properties which are free text and it is very annoying.

So my question is: is it possible to disable Obsidian suggesting property values, if so is it possible to disable it for only specific properties?

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I ran into the same issue in my vault, have you found a solution?

this is (helpful) core obsidian feature and there is no way to turn it off

alternative: scripting
in the following thread i wrote of the modal form plugin that can be set up to add props values on the go:

although the latest posts i focused on actually wanting to bring up cached tags with the use of dataview