Disable zoom in/out hotkeys


Is there a way to disable ctrl+“+” and ctrl+“-”?
I often mistakenly press them instead of ctrl+“I” to toggle checkboxes. Also I have never felt the need to resize the entire UI using a hotkey. It would be great if there were settings to configure these hotkeys, but it seems there aren’t any like that.

Any solutions?

Thank you.

This is probably provided by the Electron framework, on which Obsidian is based, so no.

One workaround could be to disable these hotkeys over the entire desktop by binding them to a command that does nothing (e.g. “test” in linux or OSX, or “echo” which probably works on Windows). Drawback: also other apps cannot see these hotkeys.

I see, that is the limitation of Electron :sob:
I give up on addressing it.
Thank you for your response!