Disable --- turning the text above into a header

What I’m trying to do

I have a plugin installed(make.md) which allows me to do /divider or /div with ENTER to automatically place 3 dashes which should turn into … well a divider.
The problem im ran into was that everytime there was something above it, it would turn that text into a header.
I’d like to disable the header formating with the 3 dashes since i always do it with # anyway.

There is one similiar Forum post but it they only ask whats happening and not how to remove it.

Thanks in advance!

If I’m understanding correctly, == and -- are part of Markdown. It might be difficult to get around that. :thinking:

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What you see as an annoyance, is markdown in action and an alternative way to format headers.

A css snippet should be able to modify hrs but I’m just guessing

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