Disable tabs (always open notes in new windows)

I would like to disable the tab bar completely, and just open every note in its own window. Is there a way to make Obsidian behave this way?

I don’t see how it would be impossible. You just need a theme or a plugin that hides the tab bar.
And then make a Commander macro that binds 1) Open New Window (the Pane Relief plugin has a command for that) 2) Open Quick Switcher together and assign a hotkey to that macro.

This is not exactly what you wanted and it is slow.
I would look for a different method if you don’t like tabs (or stacking them).

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Another view is the stacked view, where you can browse your notes like in a book. This would remove tabs.

Just click the button on the top right hand side and switch from tabs to stacked tabs

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Is there a way to have all new windows open with tabs stacked by default? I could not find a setting for this.

There’s a command on the palette. Add ‘toggle stack tabs’ command to whatever macro command you might be juggling.

Would be nice to have a setting to just globally use stacked tabs everywhere, wouldn’t it?

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