Disable search matches within URLs

Use case or problem

I’m a developer, and I frequently store notes about papers written by Google, about projects that I’m working on which are in “Google Cloud Project” (GCP), or other sundry tangentially google-related topics. They are not all #google worthy, as they are not about #google the company; they’re more often about proprietary software I’m writing that uses a google-owned technology.

The problem is that when I want to find one of those things in Obsidian’s search, I bring up endless URLs of the results of google searches, translations of text in Google translate, links to books, or links to google docs. I need some way to filter out url text.

Unfortunately, this problem doesn’t only occur in the use case I’ve listed, but that was the most clear cut example.

Proposed solution

I’m sure this could be implemented in a variety of ways, but I would like to see some toggle in the UI to prevent searching within the link part of [name](link) structures. Alternatively I could imagine a flag to add in the search bar to prevent those results.

I assume it’s a bit harder to reliably catch all of the urls that aren’t wrapped in the [x](y) pattern, but it would be ideal to include those as much as possible.

Current workaround (optional)

I don’t want to use subject tags incorrectly, as it would get in my way when I try to search for Google-the-company related topics in my notes. As a result, I’ve been trying to build really complex queries using the “-” operator, to try to exclude URLs. I have a note that just contains these weird queries at the moment.

Workarounds I have used are really ad hoc to match the variety of times this has surfaced.

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I took the liberty of adding backticks around your links, since they weren’t rendering correctly to be able to read.

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I’m facing the same issue, getting too many results from urls. Having an option not to include results from link in [name](link) would be great