Disable opening links in new tab, remap ctrl-click to old behavior

When I’m writing a new document or reading an old document, I almost never want to be stolen away from the current context and sent to a new tab. It’s super disrupting to be reading something and then have the whole page change on you.

I was extremely happy with the old behavior because I could read something and quickly see how the first page connected with the new page. For example, if I’m reading about depth-first search, I might have a link to a page about trees. It’s way more useful to me to have the trees link open next to the DFS page. That way I don’t lose my place on the DFS page and can bridge over the content from the trees page.

I tried looking around in the settings to see if I could disable the 1.0 behavior, but didn’t see anything.

Ideally, I’d like to have the old, pre 1.0 Obsidian behavior of opening pages next to the current page.

Yes, I know I can get the old behavior with ctrl-ALT-click. But, no that’s not what I want. I want ctrl-click to do the common, right, thing. I would make ctrl-alt-click open a page in a new tab.

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Agreed, It would be great to be able to remap / swap the Ctrl + Click / Ctrl + Alt + Click through the hotkeys settings or similar for those of us who don’t want tabs. The ease of spliting the current view is a key feature of obsidian, and Ctrl + Click is muscle memory now.

Not possible at the moment, but there are some open feature requests for being able to customize the corresponding shortcuts - you might want to join the discussion there!

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