Disable notes from graph view

We have many types of users with different areas of expertise and different levels of technical backgrounds, my best guess is that this would confuse at least some. In my opinion, something like Graph View presets to save and load filters & display settings would work better if you can preload a filter that does not include X folders.

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I agree. It’s a better UX to keep controls for graph view, like hiding files/folders, in the graph settings. And Graph View presets to save and load filters & display settings is a clean way to fulfill this thread’s feature request.

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I think we could have both:

  • Graph UI could have the controls for temporarily hiding stuff. Basic users without advanced skills can use this.
  • Have a meta option that can be written at the top of a file that should be hidden, like hide-from-graph or something. This would serve the purpose of permanently hiding individual files, and it would be out of the way of people who do not use it, because there is (maybe) no UI controls for this.

For the latter, I personally think that it would be a good feature because if I want to hide something permanently from the graph, I find it a bit annoying if I need to preserve it in the graph filter string. It Takes up space there and I might accidentally remove that filter. But if I have written that hiding mark into the hideable file, it stays there permanently.

@Soncro also had a good idea about showing a message “x files are hidden from the graph-view”. That should help to make users understand why some of the notes are not visible in the graph. Maybe make that message clickable so that it can then show which files were hidden.

I will love to have a metadata key to “hide” a specific file from graph

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+1 for filtering out notes via meta data in the note itself or even better a saved setting in the graph filter, which filters out notes with a certain #tag . The later would then also enable the user to search graph view for tags that have this certain #tag (eg #not_in_graph), which could lead to interesting visualisation of the interconnectivity of notes that are for whatever reason not deemed to be “worthy” of the graph view.

Really late to the game, but this simply does not work for me. I know I have the correct path because it changes the color that’s set for that group but when I put the - in front of it nothing happens. Any ideas on that, anyone? I’ve also tried adding a space after the hyphen since I saw that somewhere but that doesn’t work either.

+1 for OP’s request. I would also like to filter out notes by adding metadata to the note, rather than using the graph UI to filter. I agree with Jare, we could have both. A Graph UI option for users without advanced skills, and a separate meta option for other users to add to their files.

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Honestly, I just want them to add a function somewhere so my template files don’t show up on graph view. I don’t want to have to turn off “show orphans” just to get them out of the way in case I accidentally didn’t connect some of my notes.

Another +1 for this request.

Just a toggle for folders or exclusion setting would make graph a lot easier to parse.

+1 100%

I use the Group function of graph view to show different color of nodes by different tags or the types that i created by yaml. This make me distinguish the notes that i want to focus from the whole graph. Also, you can add blank groups, such as "tag: " or "file: " , using them as flexible color filters. When they are blank, they are off and show no color. Or, you can add other symbols in front of them ( " !tag: " ),and then the function disabled.