Disable new v1.0 tabs

I was perfectly happy with the old Obsidian interface without tabs, and in fact find it distracting to have tabs. I by far prefer the “focused mode” from the earlier GUI rather than sets/stacks of tabs. Is there a way to disable the tab support (too much clutter)?

I was used to COMMAND+click on a link to have a new panel opened if more than one note was needed at the same time. I found out that I now should use option+COMMAND+click for achieving the same … not really an improvement but doable.


You can install the Hider plugin and configure it to hide the tab bar. Then the clutter is gone.

How to remap Command+Click I do not know. You can change the Hotkeys, but I don’t see an option for the mouse-related hotkeys.

(Me, I’m extremely happy with Obsidian supporting tabs. They fit my flow much, much better than panes.)


But the hider doesn’t solve the ctrl + click problem. My workflow was I Ctrl+click open file in new pane and I can work on both easily. This open in tab is really not beneficial, moreso that there isn’t an option to choose

⌘⌥ click opens a link in a split. Add ⇧ to open in new window.

Hope that helps a bit.

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