Disable autopairing of Markdown in code block only

Use case or problem

There are multiple bugs that complain about getting second * and _ in their fenced code blocks due to auto pairing markdown syntax. These bug reports have been closed with the note that this is not a but but just not a feature (yet). Apparently no body bothered to actually open that feature request.

Proposed solution

Offer an option in the Editor settings (Behavior) to disable Markdown autoparing in code blocks.

Current workaround (optional)

a) Delete the extra symbol
b) Disable Auto pair Markdown syntax entirely (unfortunately this also disables autopairing of backticks, see Disabling Auto pair Markdown syntax disables autopairing backticks)

Related feature requests bugs (optional)

CC: @ebaum-w @emnl @cloud171

Two of the three related links were merged into Make Obsidian's behavior on codeblocks dependent on their type which seems to be the canonical request for this.

No, the other feature request wants to differentiate between code block and non-code blocks. This is feature request is not smart. Let the human decide, if there should be certain things in all backtick blocks.

I only thought of disabling Markdown. I don’t think disabling tag completion would be that important, at least to me, but nice to not have.

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