Digital Bullet Journal Setup (DataviewJS, ChartJS & To-dos!)

Hi! Recently, I’ve really enjoyed the process of making my own little system inside Obsidian. Tested out a bunch of plugins and themes, I’ve stayed with Gruvbox from the Minimal Theme. I tried some setups and found none that really appealed to me, so I decided to make my own.
DataviewJS and ChartJS have been the pillars of my setup, as the sheer amount of possible customization is endless. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s my daily page:

A nice banner, displaying the goals of the week from my weekly page.

My todo list for the day. I display first the tasks that are late.
Then I display todos by urgency level, each having a custom little emoji face.
In terms of architecture : 1 to-do = 1 note in my to-do folder

My habits tracker. (Taking data from the YAML of dailies)
Also tracking health, sleep and productivity.
I had to figure out how to transpose (inverse the rows and columns in the table) to get this view, as the files normally display by row, but the effort was worth it. I really like having the habits tracker perfectly aligned with my mood/sleep/productivity tracker to better see patterns.


I would LOVE to know how you set up your habit tracker, particularly inverting the rows and columns. This has been the main thing I’ve had trouble replicating in moving from a physical do a digital bullet journaling system.


Please publish the code! The overview from daily notes looks amazing!