Differentiating between missing tag and missing note in tracker plugin calendar?

Hi, I’m currently using the tracker plugin’s calendar graph to track which days something occurs depending on whether a certain tag is present in my daily notes or not. This is great but really I want to be able to view the difference between the days the tag is missing from my daily note (ie. not occurred), and the days for which there is no daily note (I don’t make them every day).

At the moment I have a marker for the days the tag was present and none for any other days. So ideally I want to be able to have a different marker colour etc to show when a note was created, but no tag was present.

I’ve tried using the tracker expression ‘penalty:’ which shows a marker for a missing tag but again it shows a marker equally for a missing tag from a date with a note and one from a date without a note. So that seems to be a no-go… I was wondering about using ‘penalty:’ alongside the ‘specifiedFilesOnly:’ option but I couldn’t figure out how to get all of my daily notes to automatically register under this or if it’d work at all!

If anyone has any ideas it’d be much appreciated, thanks!

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