Different themes for different devices

Use case or problem

Some themes doesn’t work perfectly on every device infact there are themes optimized for smartphone or PC.

Proposed solution

A good solution would be the possibility to select more themes that works on a type of devices

Current workaround (optional)

Now to use the same folder on more devices without have problem with themes I don’t sync theme folder and use a locale themes

Related feature requests (optional)

If you don’t sync the th theme configand use local theme you aready have different themes for different devices.

Yes, but it’s not very functional. For me it’s simply do this, but for other users will be easy have this choice

You can set a different config folder for each device.
Under SettingsAboutOverride config folder

While this allows you to keep different themes per device, be aware that it also stores the app’s settings and plugins. Any change you make will need to be replicated on each device you want it on.

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Thank you, it’s a good solution

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