Different sorting logic for different folders

For example, in my daily notes folder, I want a descending, by date created sort. In my working folder, I want a descending, by date modified sort. In my concepts folder, I want a A-Z sort. I’m sure this would… help a lot.


I have the exact same problem, for notes that begin with a date (including dailies), date is perfect, and for alphabetical note titles ascending would be more logical to me.

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Would be nice indeed. +1

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As an addendum (this could probably do with its own thread) being able to pin items to the top of a folder that are unaffected by sort order (ASC, DESC, etc) would be useful.


for my personal purposes I’ve created a plugin which allows for full control over the order of files and folders in Obsidian File Explorer.

It supports al the features described in this thread and more

Order is specified in YAML in front matter. Each folder can have its own ordering logic, or can stay with the Obsidian standard sorting. You can use sorting and grouping rules or direct order specification by listing names (wildcard supported). Or mix and match.
I’ve been using this plugin for some weeks already and it looks like it nicely fills the gap of the missing feature of Obsidian.md (which I love at first sight BTW!)
See if it fits your needs as well