Different Setup After Update

Hi guys,

after this latest update after opening Obsidian, my whole setup has been reset.

For example, I had my graph view in the upper right corner and it’s not there anymore (it’s in the left sidebar now), and the same goes for everything else in my right and left sidebar (tags, backlinks, and other icons).

I rearranged it back to how it was but I really don’t want it to happen again.
Could you guys tell me how I can make sure it never happens again? (if it’s possible)

Thank you!

It’s hard to know exactly what happened, but all the window layout settings (how you have your workspace setup, where the tab groups are positioned, etc.) are stored in the {VAULT}/.obsidian/workspace.json file.

Do you use any kind of sync? It’s possible the settings got messed up syncing between two computers. I’ve had hotkeys settings get messed up before, but it hasn’t happened in a while.

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