Different Graph Layout Options

It would be nice if Obsidian could support alternative layout algorithms (organic, tree, circular layout, clustering, etc.). https://www.yworks.com/products/yfiles/gallery has examples of these layouts.


If anything, that would be a plug-in.


+1 on this one.

I’m very happy and impressed with the general features of Obsidian but the graph view just confuses me.

Currently, my impression of the graph view currently is that of a scatterplot, just a randomized heap of my notes. It is really difficult to structure it.

For it to be really useful, there should be a possibility to discern patterns from it. My notes often have a relatively good hierarchy (although siblings do exist). It would help me enormously if this structure could be visualised with a start/center and connections flowing from there, with as little overlap as possible (for example as a tree or star/“mindmap”).

Default center node could be assingned in note but should be possible to change directly in global graph view (which then would be like the local graph but with all other mappings visualised).

(The ability to “rearrange”/relink notes directly from graph view would be a bonus.)

I believe that this would move Obsidian from a repository of notes to discerning/exploring/creating structure and connections of information.

Yes, I think the current graph layout algorithm (force directed?) does not display the directed structure of the the egdes very well. I think something like Dagre would work better.


+1 for Dagre-style.

Do check out the Neuron style if that of your preference too.

The same is requested in Extracting more understanding from the graph view: Additional graph layout algorithms
I would suggest merging these topics. @moderators