Different Daily Notes filename on different devices while using "YYYY-MM-DD-ddd" as date format

  1. Great SW, I love it.
  2. I love date formats with weekday in Daily Notes as well “YYYY-MM-DD-ddd”, however my Win10 installation runs in German language “2021-07-14-Mi.” and my Android runs in English “2021-07-14-Wed” and they don’t sync, because the filenames are different. How can I select e.g. English on all my devices?

Steps to reproduce

Set date formats to YYYY-MM-DD-ddd in Daily Notes settings on all devices with different languages. Try to sync.

Expected result

All Daily Notes filename should use the same language, best freely selectable.

Actual result

Different filename “2021-07-14-Mi…md” and “2021-07-14-Wed.md”


  1. Windows 10 - Obsidian v 0.12.10
  2. Android - Obsidian 1.0.3

you can set the locale in obsidian’s settings>about.

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