Different colored highlights

I don’t see a feature request for multi-colored highlighting so feel free to create one.

The challenge is that highlighting is not standard markdown and so whatever is used won’t be portable. Users who use highlighting in other apps (Notion, Bear, DevonThink) have had import issues because every app uses a slightly different highlighting syntax.

You’re right that html is not ideal, but it would be the most portable. You could do some automation with text expanders.

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My solution works well enough for me and is much easier in RTF than MD.

The only way I can think of getting equivalent function in markdown would be a set of buttons (or right click options) which would automatically apply the desired html style. If a system like that were set up then it could be used for a wide range of other text styles such as text colour, size and font.

And they would need a much expanded set of right click options or a ribbon - which has already been requested.


Might actually not be a feature request so much for Obsidian (as it only needs to display it) but more for MarkDownload in the end. :thinking:

[Edit] https://github.com/deathau/markdown-clipper/issues/18

Related: Is there a name for the Markdown flavor that Obsidian is using?

In particular I’m looking for a way to export content from Obsidian to web and preserving highlights.

Is there a parser that knows how to handle ==highlighted text== or do I have to run everything through a script every time I want to export something to convert to <mark>highlighted text</mark>?

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For my use, it’s an Obsidian issue. I don’t highlight downloads.

I guess if you can make sure that all of your markdown tools and apps using a consistent highlighting syntax, then you should be fine.

I’m not sure about fine, it’s one of the irritations in markdown that need managing.

Multi-colour solutions, if they come, will either be incompatible or use html.

I suppose it could be a little script: selecting, then choosing colour. But it would need a visual interface for choosing or different shortcuts for each colour.


I’m a new Obsidian user and not a geek.

I read that @tallguyjenks is using different highlight colors to do this:

I have worked about that way for over 20 years, using those colors (I mean, even on printed books and notes):

  • Yellow for factual information
  • Blue color for Actionanle content
  • Green when it is important to me.
  • Red when I disagree with the author

How can I do this easily annd rapidly, without having to type the html code each time?
@tallguyjenks , what’s your best way?


those highlight colors are how i highlight PDF’s in my zotero workflow, not highlights in Obsidian, i barely use highlighting in Obsidian actually


I get it. Thanks.
I understand it must be a bad idea to use highlight colors in Obsedian then.

I guess I must still be confused about what should be the process. I posted another message that might help understand where I’m coming from and why that confusion.

I don’t think it’s necessarily unfeasible or a bad idea to use color highlighting in obsidian.

I imagine a solution being: the ability to assign a shortcut to encapsulate text within specific html tags, as @Dor has suggested.

I think it’s a reasonable and necessary feature.


I think this plugin is the answer we are looking for:




Agreed. Great plugin.
I’d add that it is easily extended manually to allow more complex colour highlighting such as wavy underlines or overlines or strikethrough etc. I added a FR and some comments on the Github site.

I use these techniques for editing, so being able to add them and then remove them in a stroke is especially useful.

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Total newbie … love (want, and need) the Plugin functionality; how do I install a Plugin that doesn’t show in the Community Plugins page?

Wait. This probably will get me there:

Remember to install the BRAT plugin first. Makes everything easier.

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@Dor Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: . I’m just dog-paddling blindly. I have installed BRAT. It shows in my … ribbon?

blah blah … manifest.json???

Success! Hue-Woo! Colors! My note-taking — and the utility of Obsidian — just got exponentially richer. Thank you!

Highlightr-Plugin is superb! Thank you for linking to it.

I found the default colors overly saturated, and while numerically balanced appeared visually more in-and-out than I like. I have customized mine to be easier on my eyes and visually in the page with










Color perception curves vary by individual, so YMMV — I hope that provides a better place to start than the defaults for anyone who wants quieter highlighting. Done on a hardware calibrated monitor. I use the equally superb Minimal Theme, in Light Mode, with Light Mode Style set to “Low contrast”.

I also recommend following the directions given by the author on the page linked by @lavaldi and assigning custom keychords to apply regularly used highlights.


Just a warning that the current version of Highlightr plugin (1.2.1) doesn’t work with Obsidian v.15.6.