Different behaviour in naming with Wikilinks vs MD links when referencing files in folders

Hi all,

I’m noticing that there is a difference in naming which appears inline in documents when references files in folders. As an example, I have a folder named People where I keep files on individuals I’ve had calls with, etc.

When I use WikiLinks and type [[Brian and then select the Brian from the autocomplete list, it autocompletes as [[People/Brian]] and visually appears as a People/Brian in the file. If I turn off WikiLinks it gets inserted as [Brian](People/Brian.md) and visually appears as Brian in the file.

Is there a way to use WikiLinks and have the name appear as Brian inline when using autocomplete, even if the file is nested in a folder structure? I know I could use the [[People/Brian|Brian]] syntax but that means that autocomplete doesn’t really help with the flow of writing.

I think this happens if you have more than one file called “Brian”.
You can give the People/Brian file an alias in yaml. Once added, this alias will also show up in autocomplete.


Thanks! That was it :person_facepalming:

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