Did the sort algorithm for Quick Switcher / Link Suggestion change?

Recently — last couple months or so? — the Quick Switcher seems not as ‘quick’ as it used to be. When I start typing a note name, my desired note is rarely at the top anymore. Is it just me? I don’t know if the sort algorithm changed; but I’m noting that my satisfaction with this beloved feature has decreased measurably.

Am I mistaken to think that the Quick Switcher sort order used to take ‘last modified date’ into account? Most of the time, I’m switching to a recently edited note. The current sort order seems not to care about that and keeps recommending old notes.

The last mention I could find of this was Obsidian Release v0.8.6.

There’s also a related recent feature request to prioritize .md notes over attachments in Quick Switcher.

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It didn’t change. did you enable “detect all file extentions”?

No, it’s turned off. To clarify, my issue is only with switching between .md Obsidian notes. That feature request I linked to does involve other file extensions.

This post is to ask the community if anyone else feels like Quick Switcher results are less useful than they used to be.

If it’s just me, then I’ll make a feature request to take ‘last modified date’ and/or ‘last opened date’ into account when sorting results.

Just a gentle reminder to search for requests before, there are a lot of requests for this (sorting in quick switcher one way or another) already.

I also can confirm that I don’t notice any changes in sorting.

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to gut-check this with the community. I guess it’s just a symptom of my note collection growing larger. As it does, the ‘quick switcher’ ironically gets slower and slower as a workflow.

After some more digging, I was able to find one feature request for taking dates into account for Quick Switcher sorting. I’ll lend my support for that one.

I have the same question / issue.