Did I goof up in using icloud?

I’m in need of some mac help, please.

I’ve not used icloud for desktop and documents before but recently turned it on and am now totally confused about how things are working and where they are.

Related to Obsidian, when I just launched it, my dear sandbox vault, always there and ready with my templates, formatting, etc., was not there. I had to use the open vault command, but it then opened my entire Desktop and Documents folder. Obsidian is, of course, deeply buried in there, but doesn’t open in a familiar way. And now I have all this other clutter in the sidebar.

I’ve tried repeatedly to close all that and open just the familiar valut but just can’t seem to get all of this other stuff out of the way.

In other words, how do I close all of this other stuff and open just … just … the vault I want?

Thanks in advance for clear directions for a newbie here.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I hope you are not using the sandboxed vault for your every day usage. It is not designed for that. It is a place to experiment and it is reset upon restarting. You should have a regular vault for your normal useage.

Hi, BarryPorter13.

No. When I mentioned “sandbox” I meant that I am still a novice with Obsidian and that I am using my own vault as a testing/experimenting place, my own “sandbox.” Thanks for your concern, though.

I am still very concerned however about the change in my Obsidian experience after things went into iCloud. For example, in addition to what I describe above, I’ve also lost templates and there is no evidence of the functionality of the plugins I’d previously installed and loved having.

Do you have any insights for me in that regard?

I am tempted to place my data in another folder and uninstall Obsidian to then reinstall a fresh version to port my former data into. Will this work?


If you click

  1. File > Open Vault > “Open Folder as Vault”

  2. Navigate to the folder of your vault, and click “Open”.

Does it open correctly?

If not, here’s a good, concise article on how to setup iCloud sync between computer and iOS:

(an important step is: starting with an empty vault on the iOS device (if you are aiming to sync))


If that doesn’t solve it (or if you want more specific guidance), you could share:

  • The path to your ‘broken’ vault.
  • A screenshot of the sidebar-clutter you’re seeing.


It will be alright :tropical_fish:

I use icloud, because it allows syncing between my mac and iPhone. I have not had any problems, but I do allow a minute or so for the syncing when opening the program. be sure you follow the proper steps for syncing which are on line somewhere.

You can always download a new version of the app from the obsidian web site. This. is how you upgrade the app. Since a new update came out yesterday, this is worth trying.



Sorry I’m late in responding. Thanks very much for your help.

In my frustration, I’ve decided to set up a new vault and use it for my work going forward assuming that someday, after turning off icloud, I’ll be able to find and import my former work in other vaults.

While I’m here, however, perhaps you could help or perhaps send me to a place for help. I have this small(?) issue in the new vault – Today is December 21st but my daily note shows December 3rd. If I click on the calendar to create a new note for December 22nd, it creates a sequential note to the first one, that is, to December 4th. All else in my computer is correct on dates.

Thank you!

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You’ve got some funky problems going on. I think it would help if you took a screenshot or something to verify what you’re explaining.

Calendar. That’s a community plugin. Show a screenshot of your Calendar settings and a screenshot of your Daily Notes settings (particularly your “Date Format” template.)

While you’re at it, make sure:

  • Your Obsidian installer is at least 0.15.9. If older, reinstall Obsidian.
  • Your plugins and themes are all up to date.
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Thanks very much for your interest. The business around the holiday means I’ve had to put this in the back burner for the moment, but I appreciate your suggestion and will try to document some of this when I get a break.

I did, however, find the issue with the date format, a “Do” versus a “do” in the formatting.

Thank you!

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