Dictionary: Rename Flemish to Dutch

Dear developers,

There is no option for Dutch in the drop-down of the spellcheck options. When I manually specify Dutch by modifying the Preferences file:


and append Dutch to it (“nl-NL”)


It does indeed download the Dutch library:

en-US-9-0.bdic  nl-NL-3-0.bdic

Yet Obsidian right away removes my entry from the Preferences file and still does not spell check Dutch.

Is there any specific reason why there is only a limited selection of spell checking libraries are allowed?

Even if something is not “officially” supported, would still like to supplement my own dictionaries.

Thanks in advance for looking into it.

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If we don’t support dictionary X and you try to force it and it doesn’t work, it’s is not really a bug. We’ll look into expanding dictionary support if possible.

Well the application is translated in Dutch, seems a bit weird not to support Dutch dictionaries does it?

Looks like a bug to me because Dutch is working on OSX.

Can you place it back under Bugs?

The application is translated in Dutch by volunteer users.
We get the spellchecker from electron (which leverages the native spellchecker on OSX).

On the electron documentation it indeed says that for OSX it uses the native spell checker. Yet it also mentions that for windows and Linux it uses the Chromium spellchecker libraries.

Since Chromium supports Dutch, electron should as well right?

Use Flemish, it’s actually Dutch, we will rename it to Dutch in a future release.

Oh great! Yeah that makes sense. Thanks! Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

(So a bug, Flemish is Dutch? :face_with_monocle:)

It’s a bug. It the result of bad copy paste.
Will be fixed 0.13.24

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