Dialog boxes are unreadable on Fedora 34

Steps to reproduce

On a fresh install of stock Fedora 34, with a fresh snap install of Obsidian 0.12.15, attempting to open an existing vault presents the standard open file dialog box, but all the characters are replaced with boxes.

Expected result

Directory structure should be visible and it should be possible to navigate through the filesystem.

Actual result

The icons, indicating homedir, external media, etc are OK, but none of the location or directory / filenames are readable.


  • Operating system: Fedora 34
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Additional information

Please search the forum, this problem has been reported before.

I did. I found nothing.

These are the search results for “fedora” in the bug forum. Note that this goes back to Jan 2021, i.e. e months before Fedora 34 was released.

Thanks for the link.

I fail to see what possible sort of search term I could have been expected to use to find that bug given that it’s a) a different version of Obsidian b) a different version of the OS and c) a year old.

So, basically this program just doesn’t work on Linux at all, it’s had an outstanding showstopper bug for a year, and the bug has just been moved to the “graveyard”, essentially closed as WONTFIX? Is that a fair summary of the situation?

This isn’t an Obsidian issue. This is a font issue related to snap in fedora.

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