[DEV] Improving file and editor menu

Use case or problem

file-menu and editor-menu is a complete mess. Many plugins add option here, without separator or option. As the order is not predictable, it finishes having a complete mess :


Proposed solution

Two solution here :

  • In the API, add a way to place and class our plugin in the menu, as menu.position(1). I know if a lot plugin uses the same position, it will not solve the problem. So, in this case : class alphabetically, the menu.
  • Add a drop-down, allowing group option by plugin.
  • Separate Obsidian option to plugin and group them.

Obsidian Option are, here the command to, for example :

  • Delete files
  • Create a PDF
  • Open with default application
  • Toggle LP/Source Mode

Current workaround (optional)

The only way to change the order of this menu is to edit community-plugin.json, and it doesn’t work for Obsidian command.

Related feature requests (optional)