Desperately need help on Logseq query syntax

Hello there,

I hope you won’t mind this post or it won’t bother you. But since this is an active community and maybe each of you have tried different other PKM apps before.

I just would like to ask for some help regarding Logseq app.

Do you know how to query all the pages created within a specific date?

The outcome would be similar to the Obsidian’s Dataview query in the following:

where file.cday = date("25-08-2022")  
sort file.mday DESC

I’m struggling to find how to easily query it in Logseq. I’ve tried a few recommended which I saw on the past posts, it doesn’t seem to work (maybe something changes?).

I really appreciate all your help. Thank you and have a great day!

Hi kimhengmok,

Someone else here may be able to help, but in the meantime have you tried asking the question over at the Logseq forum:

Yes have already done so before reaching out this community.
Haven’t got any chances yet.

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