Desk for Obsidian - a bird's eye view on your notes

Hello all!
My plugin, Desk, was just merged into the community plugins. It shows multiple notes at once to let you make connections between your thoughts. It has quick filters to allow you to focus on a particular topic.

Here’s a screenshot:

Hope you find it useful!


Loving the plugin! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Is there a way to save decks?

It seems very interesting.

Just today I figured how to have a sort of “card view” in Obsidian, this plugin seems the nearest thing to that idea

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Not at the moment!
The ideal way to do this would be to interface with the existing bookmarks system, but I’m not sure if there’s an API for plugins to access this. I’ll ask around.


A nice plugin but you need to add a “back” button so that when you click on a card or the backlinks, you can get back to the origonal search again. I’ve added that as an issue on github.

Awesome. Hope you figure it out!

If the bookmarks thing fails, maybe there can be a Desk code block. Maybe there could be a ‘Copy as Codeblock’ function for a desk with custom filters and such, and we could paste it in individual notes. That would be cool.