Design changes to top bar

Hey everybody!
Using 8.13 on OS X right now and I don’t really get the addition of the top bar, especially in fullscreen mode.
Here are some changes that I would suggest:

  1. For windowed mode, keep the standard Apple top bar design, to have a cohesive UX experience.
  2. Put the Go Back and Go Forward buttons in the note top bar. Having them in each notes top bar, makes it a bit more flexible. (personally I would rather not have it at all, since I use the shortcut for it, but oh well).
  3. Remove the top bar for full screen mode. Having it just for having a place to put the buttons and a constant reminder of the present version seems like a waste of space.

Would love to hear your opinions on it though :slight_smile:

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Though I haven’t bought a catalyst account yet, this is on my agenda - just to say thanks to the developers for their really great work! :slightly_smiling_face: If there ever was an app I’d be willing to pay for, then it is this one! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just saying this to make clear I haven’t tried version 0.8.13 so far - but my opinion to the points you made:

  1. I agree - as long as I can configure shortcuts for a task (and this is what I always prefer - when I am writing, I’d ideally not have to leave the keyboard…), I don’t need any buttons at all;
  2. If you mean the main top bar, I agree - full screen mode should mean “focus mode”, which let’s me focus on the important stuff: writing (or reading…). In case you’re talking of the note top bar, it rather should stay visible, I think… In case I want to rename a note or just check, for example, if it’s currently pinned or not, that shouldn’t force me to leave the full screen mode…

Regarding 3.

Yes, I was indeed talking about the top bar of the whole program, not the note.
For 8.14 this has been addressed :slight_smile:

Hi, I just updated to 8.14 and the top bar (saying ‘Obsidian 0.8.14’) appeared when it wasn’t there before in full screen. By addressed do you mean there’s a way to remove it? How?

Doesn’t appear anymore in 0.8.15 Insider Build

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Is this request still relevant?
Top bar does not appear in full screen mode anymore.

Buttons do not seem to be intrusive and are available for those who requested them.
Here is something for hiding UI elements, not sure if it is possible to hide buttons:

For navigation back/forward, the following might be useful: Recent Files List Plugin

is there any top or bottom bar any more? ( or with plugin)