Deselect All Checkboxes

I use Obsidian on a split screened Ipad for work as a reference tool and as a checklist for various stages of a flight.
Is there a way to deselect or clear all checkboxes in one action for a page?
Is there a way to slightly reduce the buffer above and below horizontal lines?

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You could use the “Search & Replace in Current File” command to search for - [x] and replace it with - [ ]

If you wanted to automate it even further you could use a program like AutoHotkey to create a macro that would do the same thing but require less or no typing on your part.

You may be able to find a plugin that already does exactly what you are looking for. I’m sure someone will let you know if that’s the case. Otherwise, you could just begin browsing them in the Obsidian plugin browser dialog or somewhere like Obsidian Hub.

In terms of the separators, you could try a css snippet. I found this one thanks to this post, "How to achieve" CSS code snippets ,which links to a GitHub repository full of helpful snippets:

div.markdown-preview-section hr {
  margin-block-start: 30px;
  margin-block-end: 40px;

Or maybe you could just use a different theme.

Good luck!

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I’ve used toggle completed before but not sure that’s what your looking for. If you have a keyboard/trackpad attached to the iPad, it’s easy. Select the check boxes you want and hit cmd-enter. You toggle between - [ ] and - [x]. Not sure how easy it would be with just touch.

Also, cool use of Obsidian. Good luck!

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