Demand - supply - "coffee" hit list

Obsidian has a lot of potential, but it still lacks a lot of functionality that makes life very difficult. Probably each of us has our own list of missing functionalities.
How about, as a user community, we make a hit list of features we miss in obsidian?

And they would add to it:
a. user grant declarations
b. the estimated cost of the “coffee” that the developer of the functionality would have to drink when coding such functionality.

How about seeing what happens when demand meets supply? The power of the crowd can be enormous.

But in my opinion, a tool somewhat different from a discussion forum is needed for this. What is needed is a hit list that counts the demand and supply of ‘coffee’ at the same time.

It would probably be good if the structure of such a list was somehow linked to the structure of the functionality of Obsidian and the add-ons that exist today. So that there is some functional logic to the software.

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