Deleting a file should OPEN the last open file before it (not empty screen)

If I navigate to a page, and the go “More Options” -> “Delete File”, Obsidian shows me the empty screen.

However, most of the workflow I do revolves around going from page to page, so it would be nice if it brought me back to page I was at before.

So, right now the behavior is:
“Page 1” -> “Page 2” -> “Delete page 2” -> (automatic) -> Blank Screen

whereas I want:
“Page 1” -> “Page 2” -> “Delete page 2” -> (automatic) -> “Page 1”


Nice idea! I could even see doing something like this for closing a note as well.

Not to diverge, but I have an index MOC that I regularly have to hunt down when I am deep in nested folders; and it would be a beautiful thing if I could set that to automatically open in this situation. Maybe also as a bonus, it could have an option to be automatically pinned when opened after closing or deleting that last remaining note pane.

Personally, I don’t really mind when I have the panes split and closing one pane brings up the empty screen, but I think it would be better if you could choose in the settings between:

  1. Empty
  2. Previous note
  3. Create new note
  4. Expand remaining pane
  5. Open custom note

Maybe there would be a naming convention like INDEX to be matched or have a certain symbol that, if placed as the first character in a note title, would specify to use that note. If you went the symbol route, it could have the option to disallow you from adding it to multiple notes unless perhaps you wanted it to open and split multiple notes potentially even with an option for a custom splitting method or workspace.

I really like your idea. Thanks.