Delete confirmations on iCloud Drive for Windows, part 2

The original topic was frozen after 30 days of no activity. I have come upon this behavior in the last day or two so I can confirm this happens. Just to note that I firmly believe this is an iCloud issue, not an Obsidian issue. I will post it on Apple’s site though I am confident this would get very low priority as iCloud on Win is likely not given anything but cursory attention in Apple. The revenue is probably just not there.

There are some other quirks I’ve seen such as renaming a folder not updating on my Win device after many hours.

All this said, this remains an issue for that minority of Windows users with iOS devices so we have to live with it.

Apologies for re-starting this topic but I wanted to make sure other users who encounter the issue are aware.

Things I have tried

  • Working with two monitors helps. You can keep the Obsidian window open on the screen that does not bring up the iCloud alert.

What I’m trying to do

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