Delete account on this forum

Hi, I would like to delete my account on this forum. Does anyone know how I can delete my account? Thanks.

Start talking about stuff that doesn’t belong here. There are plenty of topics “men” like to shun (everywhere) and instead like to make dataview tables of the happy meter. :wink:

Hi slabz, I think a moderator has to do it for you (I say “I think” as a hedge because Discourse’s documentation is hard to use). Deleting a user in Discourse removes all of their posts, so I’d like to “anonymize” your account instead, which removes your profile info and login and preserves the posts under a random ID.

If you still want this done, confirm and I’ll do it. It can’t be undone.

Can you please anonymize my account as well? @CawlinTeffid

I can. Are you sure you want to? (I assume you are but I ask because it can’t be undone.)

Done! (Confirmed via DM, as was the prior request).

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