Define default landing page in Vault

Use case or problem

Every time I launch Obsidian it should land on the same page.

Proposed solution

Setting in preferences that defines a default landing note page (existing one, or then created when defined). It should be overridden when the obsidian:// URL syntax is used bypassing the landing page.

See above

Current workaround (optional)

Hacking alias launches in Windows and MacOSX to accomplish this, someone needs to know how to set that up.

Related feature requests (optional)


I too would like to see this.

On a related note (and maybe this should be a separate feature request…), syntax that shows a list of workspaces that can be clicked on would be neat–right now I don’t think that workspaces get the “marketing” that they deserve within Obsidian and I’d like to see that change. :slight_smile:

I agree a setting in the preferences that allows you to choose as described above, but while also retaining possibility of the current behavior.

I would support this. I would like to open to an Index page or an MOC.