Define and handle specific States of a given note


I was looking at Nitin Pain’s garden (it was given as an example for Obsidian Publish) and I liked one particular part of it - a Colophon section which indicates what state a given note is in:

In his particular example, he has a distinct state machine where a note can go from the states of

bean → brewing → brewed → overbrewed → in-the-sink

The names are arbitrary, and the meaning of each state you can define yourself - but I was wondering:

Is there any plugin that streamlines this sort of workflow?

Essentially, I’m looking at defining a few states that a note of mine can be in (also looking for inspiration), and modifying the note’s state whenever I feel it has graduated to the next state.

This would be useful for cases where I have a note in draft (e.g just saving the idea for later work), have iterated a bit on it, etc.