Define a specific page as "start page" / "landing page"

Like Wikis mostly have, a start page will enable you to give the user a view, whats going on, offer him a list of links to main chapters and in addition offer him the possibililty to search integrated in the “web of pages” not as an part of the UI of Obsidian.
Furthermore a link in every page can reach the start page or there is a feature of Obisian allways allow to change to the start page


I keep a workspace called Start. It is a dashboard of starter pages — one per broad area in life. Each contains links to some of the active important projects. I find this let’s me jump into any particular note that I need.

I haven’t looked into this but it would be great if each workspace had an obsidian://open? link. I could use that link externally to jump right into the desired Start view in Obsidian.

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There’s a plugin “Homepage” which appears to do exactly that. It shows an icon in the ribbon at the left hand side which takes you to the homepage.

Thanks, I tried “Homepage”, it works!


that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!