Default variable / location for settings files (can be overridden by plugins)

Hi all! Keep up the good work, really enjoying Obsidian, its possibilities and the community vibe that’s gong on.

Use case or problem

Many plugins ask for a location of configuration files, some even multiple times. If I change the location of my settings folder (which rarely happens but it does sometimes) I need to figure out by trial and error which plugins I need to change the location of config files of.

Proposed solution

Would it be possibile to create a general base location for config files, e.g. settings or extras or configuration. At one level lower, one could expand this by having a generic location for templates, scripts, etc that plugins can use (which can be overridden in the plugin if they choose to).


  • templates
  • scripts
  • media
  • css

Give plugin developers a default variable / location to start with:

→ generic_templates_folder
→ generik_scripts_folder

Current workaround (optional)

Right now it’s trial and error if you change the location of your templates or scripts. There’s no real workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not sure.