Default fold/unfold a specific heading or list

Use case or problem

Sometimes I fold contents under a specific heading or a specific item of list. When I reopen this note next time, I want the system remember which one I have folded / unfolded.

Proposed solution

Put a code in/under the specific heading or list, make it invisible in preview mode, and use it to dedicate the state of folding/unfolding.

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It’s a little more manual than what you’re asking for, but the Creases community plugin might interest you.

thank you very much. It slove my problem. We can end this discussion.

Since no one has yet said that this is not going to happen, I think it is a feature request worth keeping open. Personally, I think that this would be really nice as a core feature.


OK. I removed the solution mark so the thread will stay open. (@fool I’m glad the plugin helped!)

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I would also very much like it to become a core-feature. This is a feature found for example in Logseq and which is extremely practical when you have long files.

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I would like to throw my support behind this feature request.

+1 for folding as core feature