Dedicated Device for PKM?


I’ve been using a leuchtturm1917 notebook for my book readings and then passing it to an Evernote and now have a few thousand notes. But I’ve recently discovered Obsidian and the Zettel system. and I’d like to migrate this over.

I was wondering if any of you use a dedicated device for your PKM and if so which one? It seems it may be simpler to directly type in my notes into Obsidian when passing my notes from the notebook and wanted to use a secondary device for this purpose.

Do any of you have a recommended device that would suite running just Obsidian in offline mode (to avoid distractions.) And if so, what device do you or would you use (as I assume I’ll need some basic power as my note collection grows).

For now you’ll be limited to Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Cheaper models may not have sufficient power if you have a lot of notes and keep the graph running. Aiming at a size akin to your notebook wouldn’t be cheap. A tablet would be good for reading but not so convenient for writing.

So depends on your price point and which which compromises suit you best.

My guess is that you’ll be best off with a phone or tablet once the mobile apps are out. Or else just using your usual machines. If you keep the vaults in a cloud synced folder then you can access them from anywhere on any compatible machine.

I have to imagine a Surface would be awesome for this. (Damn, now I miss my old Surface…)

Obsidian now only supports laptop and desktop computer. So if you want to use it in the outdoors, the Surface may be the best choice.

I do prefer something with a keyboard over a phone/tablet. Right now there’s a few good deals on Surfaces on the Australia Microsoft site so it seems like the perfect compromise between portability, keyboard input and performance.

Thanks guys, can’t wait to try this setup out especially now as I’m seeing more discussion on the possibility of bringing Block Referencing modularity as a feature/plugin :slight_smile: