“Debug mode” toggle

Use case or problem

It takes a while to turn off all third-party plugins and custom CSS, which leads to bug reports that do not have to do with Obsidian itself, but a third-party plugin or some custom CSS. When I encounter a bug, it can take a while to make figure out if it is due to a bug in Obsidian itself, a third-party plugin, or custom CSS.

Proposed solution

A “Debug mode” toggle that would turn on safe mode, change the theme to default, and turn off all CSS snippets. If it was easier to test if a bug was caused by Obsidian or something else, I believe there would be fewer bug reports in this forum.

Optional improvements that would improve this feature

A prompt would show up after toggling “Debug mode” asking if the user wanted to debug Obsidian itself, a theme, a CSS snippet, or a third-party plugin. After choosing, the user would be asked to pick which theme, snippet, or third-party plugin they wanted to debug if they did not choose to debug Obsidian. Then, another prompt would ask if the user would like to turn on developer tools.

Current workaround

Manually turning on safe mode, changing the theme, and turning off each custom CSS snippet.


I just wanted to second this. I had the same feature idea as well today and it would make debugging much more pleasant experience :wink:

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I would like to have a method to turn off every plugin except one