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Hi all! I’ve found some helpful posts regarding the transition from Craft > Obsidian but I’ve got a question regarding the folder structure when importing.

All imported pages with images imported fine, but also created a separate ‘assets’ folder in Obsidian (one for each page) and placed the images in there. Whereas it seems like Obsidian normally puts images in a single assets folder.

Is this something I should fix / what would be the best way of cleaning this out?

Many thanks in advance!

Obsidian doesn’t really care where it find the files, so no need to move them together if you don’t feel strongly about it.

One time it does matter is when you’ve got files with identical names, then Obsidian will use the path to link to the image. So if you decide to move files, be sure to use some tools within Obsidian so that links can keep up. Don’t just use the file explorer of your operating system.

Actually some like their assets to be close to the page they’re used on, so it really comes down to personal preferences.

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Thanks for the response!

Assuming I did prefer to keep the assets in one central folder, could you suggest the best way to make this adjustment in bulk?

I’ve heard of the Janitor plugin to clean up orphaned assets, but I’ve not heard of any plugins to collate the assets.

You can configure Obsidian to store new assets in a given folder, but I don’t think that’ll move old assets.

Do a search in the community plugins, or wait and see if someone else knows that.

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