DB folder meeting note title

For my meeting notes currently, I speak with a lot of people and meet for a lot of different projects (+50 people a year is no exception). There are also different types of meetings like project, one-on-one, research, product,…

Currently I have my one-on-one notes behind a quick-add so if I speak with for example Jason, I launch a quick add that also has a template.

The variability makes it hard as I would need to make too many quick-adds.

For 2023 I want to change this in the DB folder and im doing some tests already. I can achieve what I want in terms of organising and filetering all meetings. (Big shout-out to the DB folder creator).

The only point im struggling with is the file name. Ideally I want to have the date, meeting type and name in my meeting note. Example : 12112022_O3_Jason.md

I dont know which plug in I could use that would also change the name of the *.md file. Any help is appreciated.

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