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Move DayOne files to Obsidian

I’m trying to port over my entries from DayOne to Obsidian and chose to export via “text/markdown” which is confusing because you cant choose between them. When I export I get folders for videos, photos, audio, etc, and a bunch of text files, one for each journal, but not for individual notes. How can I at least convert the text files to .md such that the links work. It’d be great to get individual notes, but even if I couldn’t, I’d like the media links to work and I can break them up manually.

I’ve seen some posts that require scripts and python etc, but that’s way over my head. Any ideas how I can do this for novices?



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I just cam across Diarly. It’s not as polished as DayOne, but seems like an interesting alternative.

Diarly can import the DayOne JSON. If you export from Diarly to markdown you get individual files for each day, with attachments and everything there. I’ve not tried how this looks like in Obsidian, but would guess this is a fairly good start.

You might not get 100% what you are after, but it’s free to try and doesn’t require scripting knowledge.

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will try it!

I did the the intermediate import/export from the Bear app which also imports Dayone JSON and can export individual files (it even sets creation date of those files to the Dayone date).

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