Dayone and obsidian

Good afternoon,

I am currently on a cruisade on creating my life as a ongoing bullet journal. I use Obsidian everyday im also a cross platform user. This for me is a big benefit.

I like the idea of Dayone where i can insert images etc and yearly i can export my year and file it away which contains all my images etc. Ideally I want to use Obsidian for everything but not being able to insert pictures is a pain. What i mean by this is the image is not stored in the MD file so when i come to look at it in say 10 years down the road the image wont be in teh note. This is the benefit with Dayone it as the export includes all the images etc.

I want to take my photo taking/ bullet journal to another level but is there any work around on this?

I am not savy with github or anything like that. I am torn between the two platforms. Is there a way i can link the two platforms? for example where i put into obsidian goes into Dayone and vicversa?

Im intrested in hearing how you guys get around this also create your journal for life.

I use the ‘Custom attachment location’ for this, which puts all the photo’s automatically in a folder with the name of the note. I personally think it’s much more future proof like this, because there’s no quality loss.

Another option: not sure to what format you use for your Day One export, but I think Obsidian can export to every format that Day One supports. So if you really want for example a pdf export, Obsidian can do that too

Hi jeroen

I like the sound of what you do in obsidian. Are you able to expand on this as I not 100% sure what you mean?



I installed the Custom Attachment Location plugin and set it up like this:

Then when I create a note and drag pictures from my Photos app to it, it automatically creates a folder with the name of the note that contains all the pictures in that note.

Like this it’s both a journaling system AND a picture archive that’s neatly ordered in my filesystem. If ever Obsidian and all other markdown tools would stop existing, I would still be able to link the notes to the right pictures very easily.

If you like Day One’s gallery style, you might be interested in the Image Grid that comes with Minimal Theme:

Hope that helps!

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